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It could be beautiful that WU LYF broke up because they didn’t want to become famous and sell out. It could be badass that they released a final song called ‘T R I U M P H’ on youtube with a note announcing the split. It could be rock n roll in its purest form. Instead, it’s just bullshit that WU LYF came to nothing after releasing maybe the best alternative rock album since The Moon and Antartica. ‘Dirt’ stands out like a mad yell from the depths of some forgotten night with a friend that faded into drugs; an exhilarating make-tonight-last-forever anthem that couldn’t quite overcome the reality of tomorrow.

In this Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2015 photo, rapper David Burd, known as Lil Dicky poses for a portrait in promotion of his new music video "$ave Dat Money" in Beverly Hills, Calif. (Photo by Rebecca Cabage/Invision/AP)


David Burd (aka Lil Dicky) is the embodiment of the rapper in the age of the Internet. He has gained widespread fame following a series of hilarious music videos, released over the past three years. What started with his music video “Ex-Girlfriend” has become a movement that has Burd meeting with Snoop Dogg and selling out shows across the country. In the Spring of 2014 I saw Lil Dicky at a show in Boulder, CO during his Professional Rapper Tour. He gave a PowerPoint presentation at the onset of the show and came across as a funny, self-deprecating rapper. People laughed and after an hour and a half everyone left with a smile on their face.

Following this tour, Burd released more of his signature music videos and then publicly announced he had run out of money. He was a broke, white, Jewish rapper. This may have been where Lil Dicky sunk into oblivion. He started a Kickstarter campaign and within weeks had raised $113,000. With this money he worked on and then released his first studio album, Professional Rapper, on July 31, 2015. Some songs on the album were classic LD. Songs like “Lemme Freak,” “Classic Male Pregame,” and “White Crime” were all mildly funny and were in no way, in my opinion, representative of a rapper that wanted to be remembered as a rapper. These songs are more indicative of a comedian that could rap, cashing in on his relatable sense of humor. The question I still have is whether Burd will pursue his career as a serious rapping venture. He has shown flashes online of the makings of a talented rapper, who could grow far past his normal billing as a comedy rapper.

In the “Save Dat Money” you get a view of how gregarious and likeable he is as a person. “Pillow Talking” is a hilarious rambling look into the comedic mind of LD.

In “Russel Westbrook on a Farm” LD frolics all over the beat and deftly maneuvers through clever rhymes and lines. His “freestyle” (written before I’m sure) on Sway in the Morning is one of the best the show has seen in my opinion.

Maybe Burd is satisfied with the millions of dollars he has in his bank account in this point in his career. In the age of the Internet we see artists rise and then fall off of the map just as quickly. I doubt Burd will meet this fate but I sincerely hope that in his next album we can see a new LD who is willing to become a legitimate rapper, outside of his obvious comedic draw. Maybe we only need to look so far as his name to know where he is headed. Lil Dicky is not a moniker that I could see entering the echelons of rap’s greatest entertainers.


SONG OF THE DAY – Stay Awake (ft. Mick Jenkins & Twista) – Supa Bwe

Today’s song of the day comes from the audio magician Supa Bwe. Supa, yet another rapper coming from the cultural renaissance currently happening Chicago, has been producing and rapping for a few years now. “Stay Awake”, from Supa’s Hurt Everybody mixtape, produced by Zen Zan, was released seven months ago on Soundcloud. The slowed down beat, extended bass, and wavey melody sets makes a perfect canvas for rappers Twista, Mick Jenkins and Supa Bwe to work with. Supa’s talent for making a hook sets a stage for Mick Jenkins and Twista to go in. Mick Jenkins lyrics, “let me see that dropped pin”, takes a unexpected satirical twist to this song. The juxtaposition between the slow verses of Mick Jenkins and the rapid lyrics of Twista makes this a complex and unique banger. Enjoy this song to wherever you’re heading this block break.


SONG OF THE DAY – “That Green Gentleman” – Panic! At the Disco

I chose “That Green Gentleman” as my first song of the day for a number of reasons. Not only is it a fantastic Panic! throwback–backwhen Panic! -That-Green-Gentleman-panic-at-the-disco-855150_600_400wasn’t just Brendan Urie–it also reminds me of simpler times. When I was in grade school, my good friend Alexa would let me listen to her iPod with her on our busrides to and from school. These rides were 45 minutes long and covered winding roads over two different mountains. It was wearying at times, so to lighten things up in the afternoons, we’d have “karoake day,” where we’d essentially sing at the top of our lungs to whatever Fall Out Boy or Panic! song we were currently obsessed with. Alexa just recently texted me a link to the music video for this song and after re-watching it, I couldn’t help feel nostalgic for those busrides, and the lyrics had never rung more true: “Things have changed for me, / And that’s OK, / I’m on my way.” If you get the chance, give the music video a watch–it’s a good one.


SONG OF THE DAY: Milo – Folk-Metaphysics

Milo has got to be one of the most emotional and interesting figures in the world of hip-hop today. “Folk-Metaphysics” is a track from his album Things That Happen at Day. It is one of Milo’s most engaging songs and showcases his ability to let his mind take him where it will. His vocals dance over a minimal beat while he covers the world of relationships and gives us a look inside of his mind. The lyrics do not rhyme in many places, but his cadence lets the words flow in a completely natural manner. While sometimes Milo loses me in his world, this song is easy enough to digest, while still moving away from the world of materiality that many hip-hop artists fall victim too. Milo is vulnerable in the song and not in an overly emotional way. He raps, “I’m going to write rap songs to find objective truths.” He’s searching for something and I think he touches on a poignant moment with this line: “I don’t make promises I can’t keep – So I’m not going to make promises ever – And when I write letters to my ex-girlfriends that’ll be the header.” He is navigating a difficult world it seems, and we’re lucky enough to get a look inside.

Deep cutz!

Deep Cuts: Lene Alexandra


Welcome to Deep Cuts! My name is cole, and for the remainder of this article I want you to think of me as your tour guide… or Sherpa into the amazing, mystical, and often dangerous world of music! I guess we should get right to it then. Hope you’re ready 😀


You may not know this about me, but… well… I’m not very good with women. It feels like I just don’t understand them! What do they like? Why do they smell so good? AHHH I don’t get it! This confusion, coupled with debilitating social anxiety, doesn’t leave many ways to gain… experience… so I’m left with two things: porn (I’ve learned everything I know about women from porn) and music.

Music! It’s like a window into someone’s soul, which is why I like to listen to the music of the female sex.

So why don’t we check out one of my fav’s,  Lene Alexandra! Also known as  Miss Boobs, Lene was a serious chart topper in Norway. Now she’s a mega hot body builder! Anyways, here’s Lene Alexandra’s My Boob’s Are OK.

As you hit play, I’m sure you were amazed by that killer beat. Whoa! Those rhythms sure got my head bumpin. Damn! But it doesn’t stop there. You see, once you get over those sick beats, you gotta really take a second and check the lyrics. Like I was saying earlier, if you’re like me, and don’t know women very well, just read this shit! I mean WOW! That’s what I like to call flowetry (flow + poetry). If you really pay attention, you’ll see that these lyrics just highlight the unbelievable pressure that growing women face everyday. These are lyrics that every girl around the world should shake it to!

My boobs, my boobs

My boobs are ok

Talk about self-acceptance! Now pay attention to the second verse…

I keep my religion in a Gucci purse

Oh my god, I just forgot the rest of this verse

Who cares? I never passed junior high

It was so hard!

So what?


My boobs, my boobs

My boobs are ok

I mean like, COME ON! She’s such a dynamic character. At first she struggles with religion and her intelligence, and then she realizes that the most important thing is really just the way she looks! If she’s got big bazongas, then what else matters? I mean… everything I’ve learned from porn seems to back this up. Everything is about sex!

Which brings us to her next song.


I’m very lonely :(

So sometimes I like to wallow in it, you know? I’ll get into a mood where all I want to listen to is Elliot Smith or the Cure… Well now I’ve got another chick to add to that list! Check these lines…

do you know the feeling when you

just really need a bang ?

do you know the feeling when you

need much more than your hand ?

do you know the feeling when you

want it so much ?

do you know the feeling when you

need to be touched ?

This shit is like straight outta my diary! What the heck Lene! How do you know my pain? When I heard these lyrics:

do you know the feeling when you

need much more than your hand ?


God, I want you Lene.

Please, Please, Please…

let me get what I want!

I want to lick your sticky muscles


^ that’s her 😉

“Happiness” as an art prompt.

Pick a song you’ve been listening to a lot lately and listen to it again (for me, that song is Happiness by Elliott Smith).

Write/paint/sculpt/make art while it plays, using the song as a prompt.


Flash fictiony thing I wrote in response:

I see him walking up the callous mountain, and I feel a little small. He is wearing Keds, with holes where the sole should join the fabric. His toes poke out. The wind ruffles his hair; I think I see him smiling at the sun rising above the Rockies. Behind me, the house is quiet and drained – Andy and Shane sleep on couch, top-to-tail, in matching t-shirts that say ‘I Heart Xanax’, in the ‘I Heart NY’ style. Shane’s arm is sprawled across the makeshift table (wooden log underneath, piece of cardboard as the top), with a burnt out Parliament between his fingers, leaning towards the ashtray, like a sunflower towards the sun. I sit in a swinging chair on the porch, cradling a cup of Earl Grey like a premature child. The world in front of me is unfolding slowly, calmly – sun peaks out over the mountains; its streaks get in my eyes like loose strands of hair. Behind me, the people sleep through the aftermath of unhealthy decisions, sleep away the glaze, just sleep.


Song of the Day: Milo – Zen Scientist (feat. Myka 9)

Last year was a ridiculously strong year for hip-hop, and I’d say Milo’s sophomore album So the Flies Don’t Come was one of the best. This track, like all on the record, are produced by Kenny Segal. His production is atmospheric, mellow, and off-kilter, which perfectly complements Milo’s style. Milo doesn’t rap with urgency, but he has a lot to say. His word play is intricate, witty, and cryptic.  Milo is able to make every line poignant and poetic, and his sarcastic, self deprecating humor shines through every once in a while. Myka 9 is featured on the hook, and the dude can sing. He gives a great performance, and his voice works perfectly with the production. All in all this track is fantastic. Give it a spin.

Song of the Day: Porches – Car

I saw Porches post this song on their Facebook on Monday, and got unbelievably excited –– and with good reason, I think. Though much more electronic than any of the songs off their debut album, Slow Dance in the Cosmos, the two singles off the upcoming Pool – Car, and the recently released Be Apart, continue to tell intricate and relatable stories through their lyrics. Just like the title might suggest, the song transports me into a state of mental motion. Pool is out tomorrow on Domino Records, so if you like this song/Porches in general, the rest of the album probably won’t disappoint.