Lewis Del Mar – Tap Water Drinking

In October, the Rolling Stone featured Lewis Del Mar as one of ten new artists you need to know.

Lewis Del Mar’s whole album will awaken your music taste buds. Their songs have a circus of clashing sounds that cleverly resolve. Each song feels scrappy and exhilarating.  Fans of Foals, Alt-J, and the beach goth genre will enjoy  the beach dreamscape feel of Lewis Del Mar. I feel as if I am  washing up onto a serendipitous island full of vegetation and allure every time I listen to them. “Tap Water Drinking” has an electronic background layered with a folk guitar and a hip-hop sounding beat. The end of the song is a wild and satisfying cacophony. As a listener, I also loved how the lyrics of “Tap Water Drinking” validated the universal feeling of shallow attraction.







SONG OF THE DAY – “That Green Gentleman” – Panic! At the Disco

I chose “That Green Gentleman” as my first song of the day for a number of reasons. Not only is it a fantastic Panic! throwback–backwhen Panic! -That-Green-Gentleman-panic-at-the-disco-855150_600_400wasn’t just Brendan Urie–it also reminds me of simpler times. When I was in grade school, my good friend Alexa would let me listen to her iPod with her on our busrides to and from school. These rides were 45 minutes long and covered winding roads over two different mountains. It was wearying at times, so to lighten things up in the afternoons, we’d have “karoake day,” where we’d essentially sing at the top of our lungs to whatever Fall Out Boy or Panic! song we were currently obsessed with. Alexa just recently texted me a link to the music video for this song and after re-watching it, I couldn’t help feel nostalgic for those busrides, and the lyrics had never rung more true: “Things have changed for me, / And that’s OK, / I’m on my way.” If you get the chance, give the music video a watch–it’s a good one.