SONG OF THE DAY – Sacrifice (feat. Yazarah) – Darien Brockington

Sometimes you have to look back to move forward. With the resurgence of R&B from D’angelo to Chris McClenney, I figured I would share this original R&B jam from 2005. In his track “Sacrifice”, Darien Brockington brings the beautiful production and tempting voices come together beautifully in this one and creates truly timeless music. 


SOCC Live: Jack Lite

“I worked at a pizza joint, a hotel, sold beach chairs for a while, landscaped, worked at a couple restaurants, a Denny’s. There is always downtime, and I recorded some melodies I liked on a pocket recorder while washing dishes. With the money from the jobs I craigslisted a guitar, drums, bass, and a synth. COLD CUTS was born straight out of my experiences with life, friends, women, and selling beach chairs.”