Work for The SOCC

We are hiring for next year! If you’re interested in working for the SOCC, check out the different positions available and fill out an application below. Email us with any questions at

As manager of the website, you’re in charge of gathering a team of writers to contribute awesome music related content to the website. The website is sort of like a music blog and covers everything from Song of the Day posts, album reviews, student band interviews, or anything else music related on and off campus. As manager, it’s your job to make sure the website is continuously producing new content from a staff of writers.

  • Reach out and recruit writing staff
  • Organize regular meetings with writers to brainstorm new ideas
  • Schedule when writers post and make sure posts are up to standard (no spelling mistakes/grammatical errors) 
  • Advertise and bring attention to website through social media
  • Make sure website pays special attention and represents student musicians and their endeavors 
  • Guarantee constant stream of new content on website

The Program Manager is pretty much the SOCC studio manager in charge of scheduling and working with all the DJS. You are the face of the studio 😀 You also are on call ALL THE TIME so if someone has a problem during their show you are the one responsible for helping them out, whether it be in person or over the phone (It’s way more fun than it sounds and cool to be able to meet all of the DJS because everyone has a problem sometime). 

  • Organize DJ Schedule
  • Train DJs in studio
  • Be one of the main on-call people for studio problems
  • Plan SOCC DJ events (potlucks, workshops, etc)
  • Facilitate the mixtape exchange program and song of the week
  • Continuously think of ways to get SOCC DJs involved more so than just doing radio show
  • Organize student dj spot with KRCC
  • Feature DJ of the block on facebook / instagram
  • Check the SOCC email for messages and promotional material
  • Collect music for socc off-air playlist
  • Work with general manager to report songs to legal entities  

In charge of design, production, and distribution of all promotional content for music events on campus. This can also include design for general merchandising. Assistance in planning and execution of SOCC events throughout the year. Develop social media presence. Although you will get specific assignments, you should constantly be thinking of creative ways to promote SOCC events and spread awareness and involvement on campus.

For applications  CLICK HERE